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Inokatsu CQBR MTW SOPMOD (Super Version)

  • standard ($820.00 USD)
  • with PGC 20rds Mag ($870.00 USD)
  • with PGC 50rds Mag ($880.00 USD)
  • Inokatsu CQBR MTW SOPMOD (Super Version)
    Inokatsu CQBR MTW SOPMOD (Super Version)


    $820.00 USD
    (euro683.33 EUR)
    Inokatsu Gas Blow Back M4A1 SOPMOD CQBR Carbine with 10.5" barrel (Super Version)

    Net Weight: Information currently not available
    Category: Gas Blow Back Rifle/SMG
    Manufacturer: Inokatsu
    Availability: Ships in 24 hours

    Product Information:

    Fully licensed Colt aluminum receiver. Enhanced performance and more reliable!

    Comes with
    RIS Rail Covers (Black) X 4

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