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Kalash full steel AKMS AEG (RK-10S Real wood)

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  Kalash full steel AKMS AEG (RK-10S Real wood)
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SKU: Kalash_AKMS_RK10S

$110.00 USD
(euro91.67 EUR)
Full steel AKMS with real wood handguard, come with sling, stick type battery and battery charger.

Net Weight: Information currently not available
Category: Automatic Electric Gun
Manufacturer: Kalash
Availability: Backorder

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Great AEG (2010~212)
Reviewer: 33lima, Belfast, UK

Solid, well built, feels and shoots great, accurate and long-ranged. Handguard is laminated, and looks much better than in the site pic (which seems to be of the RK10 potmetal version which doesn't have the laminated handguard. Only negatives are the cleaning rod is not a great fit (reportedly it's an AK74 rod, not an AK47/AKM) and some of the more common AK mags need some work to fit (or you file 1mm off the top of the mag catch?). Great weapon.

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