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Ops-Core VAS Shroud - FG

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  Ops-Core VAS Shroud - FG
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$84.00 USD
(euro70.00 EUR)
Why carry around the extra weight when you are not wearing headborne devices?

Net Weight: Information currently not available
Category: Helmet Related
Manufacturer: Ops-Core
Availability: Ships in 24 hours

Product Information:

* Snag free for HALO, HAHO and static line operations
???* All aluminum construction with powder coated finish and stainless steel ballistic hardware
???* Fits all ACH, MICH, PASGT and Lightweight Marine Helmets with the MARSOC / WARCOM 3-hole pattern
???* Includes a foam gasket that prevents vibration and wobble better than competitor shrouds
???* Ideal for replacing the original helmet "hook and strap" mounting system
???* Can be used for mounting night vision devices (requires night vision mounting arm and NVG goggles, not sold by Ops-Core)
???* It is the lightest, lowest profile, least obtrusive, and least expensive front shroud solution currently available

KNOCK-OFFS WARNING: Beware of counterfeit Shrouds being sold on Ebay. Knock-offs vary in quality; some are plastic, others look identical down to the Ops-Core logo and packaging, and list Ops-Core as the manufacturer. These products are not manufactured, tested, approved or guaranteed by Ops-Core. To ensure that your Shroud is authentic and will fit your headborne devices, please purchase from Ops-Core directly or approved dealers.

Detailed usage here: ?http://www.ops-core.com/VAS_Shroud_P6.cfm

Limited Supply!!

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