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Spartan Airsoft US Navy Mk141 Mod0 Dummy Flashbang Model Kit

Spartan Airsoft US Navy Mk141 Mod0 Dummy Flashbang Model Kit
Spartan Airsoft US Navy Mk141 Mod0 Dummy Flashbang Model Kit



$25.95 USD
(euro21.63 EUR)
Spartan Airsoft US Navy Mk141 Mod0 dummy flashbang model kit. This is the dummy model resembles the flashbang grenade which is currently used by the US special forces, including SEALs, Marines MEU & Army SF etc.

Net Weight: Information currently not available
Category: Dummies
Manufacturer: Spartan Airsoft
Availability: Ships in 24 hours

Product Information:

Product dimension: 45mm diameter X 127mm height
High impact plastic top/end cap with metal cylinder, lever, pull ring & pin.


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Spartan Airsoft US Navy Mk141 Mod0 Dummy Flashbang Model Kit (2010~15)
Reviewer: Linpu, -, -

I just received a few of these replicas and I must say I was positively surprised by the quality of the parts. This dummy flashbang comes as a model kit and it has to be assembled first. Every part looks and feels very good and durable and the finish on them is virtually flawless. The label looks really good too but the print has two slight misspellings which are not so visible from a distance and therefore they don't necessarily affect to the overall impression. At least for me they dont. The main body is made from steel pipe which may have to be filed a bit from the inside edge and joint seam to fit the caps on properly. The bottom cap is made from plastic and has been chrome coated and the upper cap/fuze is made from black high-impact plastic. Both caps have rubber O-rings to seal the main body and hold the caps firmly in place. I however used a little glue to secure the pieces together. The spoon is made from steel sheet and has been stamped in form and painted very flat dark greyish green with authentic black markings. The pin is black steel wire and it looks real and works well. I, and I believe many other people too, have waited for a long time for a replica of this distraction device to hit the market and when it did I'm glad it's this well made. Only cons for the most demanding collectors are the misspellings of the label and I hope they can be fixed in the future versions of this product. Overall this artifact is very convincing and I'm going to recommend it to my friends and everyone else who's looking for this kind of items for their collections. I might even get some more myself!

Product link: http://www.rhinoairsoft.com/details.asp?prodid=SPAR-MK141&cat=29

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